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The demand for web3 has grown by radical margins recently. Companies, startups and DAOs are actively looking for web3 developers, resulting in an overwhelming demand. At the same time NYX Ecosystem $NYX is here to become one of the web3 platform providers. The following discussion will help you know the basic details about the web3 development platform and its benefits on the NYX Ecosystem $NYX. we have several web3 platforms that will be useful and provide more benefits for crypto investors as well as companies and individuals.


What is
NYX Ecosystem?

We are here with several platforms including: NFT Marketplace dApps Bridge Launchpad Swaps Tokens Creator Token Locker Airdrop Platforms Staking Platform
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NYX Ecosystem
Developed for Decentralized Apps


Developed for Decentralized Apps Build BSC dApps with minimal configuration changes No need to rewrite or reconfigure your smart contracts they'll work right away Use

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Binance Smart Chain
Easy to used
First and


NYX Ecosystem General Information below represents the allocation of funds and the number of tokens available on the binance smart chain network

General Information

  • Name NYX Ecosystem
  • Symbol NYX
  • Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000
  • Tax 10%
  • Max Buy 2%
  • Max Wallet 2%


  • 65% PancakeSwap
  • 15% Staking
  • 15% CEX
  • 5% Partnership


We have big plans for the future of Request.
Stealth Launch the NYX Ecosystem on PancakeSwap
Develop and release Website V1
Prepare our Development and Strong Community NYX Ecoystem
Initiate a marketing campaign to increase awareness of​ NYX Ecosystem
Organic Growth With Multiple Marketing
500 Holders
Listing in Some Coin Votes Platform like Coin Gecko and Coin Marketcap
Listing on Coin marketcap and Coin Gecko
Develop and Release NYX Swap
Develop anf Release NYX Locker
Establish strategic partnerships to increase adoption and usage of NYX Ecosystem
NYX Ecosystem utility Development
Partnership Building
NYX Ecosystem utility Live
Listing Small Cex
10000 Holders
NYX Ecosystem Wallet
NYX Ecosystem NFT Marketplace
NYX EcosystemPad
Listing TOP Cex
NYX EcosystemCex (Alpha Version)
Cell Cex (Omega Version)